Sessions: Swelly Sunday in Asbury

Sunday saw some mellow off-shore winds with 10s swell rolling through. Some small barrels and lumbering giants made for a great day with the crew. Photos provided by Harley Broer [instagram], Jared Adkins and Christopher String. If you’re interested in joining, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Meetup, and our Philly Surf Crew Page to keep up with the latest meetups and to score a ride!  

Surf Trip: Costa Rica

The annual Labor Day surf trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica kicks off a week that challenges and improves your skills. Join us as we explore paradise and perfect waves! Trip details for 2017 at the bottom of the page! Photos by Christopher String for Philly Surf Crew. Dates for Costa Rica 2017: Aug 26th – Sept. 2nd. If you’d like to join, contact Shawna: and tell her you’re with Philly Surf Crew.

Beach Sweep with Clean Ocean Action

The goal of Clean Ocean Action’s Beach Sweeps is to reduce and eliminate sources of litter by engaging people in volunteer efforts to clean beaches in New Jersey. During the bi-annual event, volunteers pick-up and remove debris, and record and calculate data about the debris. The data collected provides a legacy of information that can be used to identify sources of pollution, monitor trends, and discover and promote solutions. -CleanOceanAction For the sweep, almost 154,000 pieces of debris were recovered »

Dune Grass Planting w/ Surfrider

Philly Surf Crew supports local organizations that put time and effort into caring for the environment.  Surfrider’s Jersey Shore Chapter participates each year in a program that focuses on replenishing and replanting dune grass to stave off erosion and protect the beaches.

Women in the Waves

Philly Surf Crew’s, “Women in the Waves” initiative seeks to increase the number of women entering the sport by creating an atmosphere of learning that plays to individual strengths in a group setting. Group introduction to surf culture is critical to building a strong foundation of community minded instruction and a healthy respect for the ocean and the surrounding environment.