Our Mission

Surfing is more than just a sport: it is an experience that hooks from the very first wave caught and ignites a fire inside every time you paddle out. We are family bound by that love of the ocean and gathered by the call of the waves. Our mission is to unite current and future surfers from Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey to nurture a community that educates, gives back, and empowers. As a socially-conscious collective, Philly Surf Crew members are dedicated to our communities through:

  1. Participating in environmental efforts to keep our beaches and waterways clean.
  2. Sharing the love of surfing to children, groups, and communities who traditionally lack access to the ocean.
  3. Supporting charitable efforts to help those organizations that strengthen the social fabric of our society.

Open to all levels and all walks of life: join us in our quest to get stoked, and pass it on.