Surf Trip: Costa Rica

The annual Labor Day surf trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica kicks off a week that challenges and improves your skills.

Join us as we explore paradise and perfect waves! Trip details for 2017 at the bottom of the page!

Photos by Christopher String for Philly Surf Crew.

Flying over the east side of Costa Rica on the way to the airport
Airport runway, Costa Rica
Landing at Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, (LIR)
A man and woman wait to check out at a Costa Rican soda
Pro-tip: Don’t buy the beer at the airport, buy it at one of the little sodas. Our guide was nice enough to let us load up before arriving at Witch’s Rock
Searching for the howler monkeys in the trees
No cell service means we get creative with a new variant called throwy can.
Unloading the van at Witch’s Rock

Rear View from Witches Rock

Chuck, the goofy footer.
Backyard breaks

Steve’s late drop


On the way to spearfish in Catalinas with Puno, Jared, and Steve with Flash and Chilo
Puno + Spear gun

Jared and Puno
The captain and fish
Ceviche from the freshly caught parrotfish, prepared by the talented chefs at Witch’ Rock

Found the ex-pat bar, full of foreigners. Pacifico.

530 paddle.
Hosed after the paddle out.
Mellow morning.
Tamarindo Sunrise with Serafina
Tamarindo Sunset
Tamarindo Sunset with Serafina
Last morning’s break.
Robert August and Philadelphia Surfers
Great time meeting legend Robert August, resident board-shaper and one of the stars of Endless Summer.
Chris, Puno, Steve, Mike, Blaze

Dates for Costa Rica 2017: Aug 26th – Sept. 2nd. If you’d like to join, contact Shawna: and tell her you’re with Philly Surf Crew.