Beach Cleanup

Philly Surf Crew teams up with the members of Jersey Shore Chapter of Surfrider to clean the beach in Asbury Park, NJ.  With the help of so many dedicated volunteers and the great people at Booskerdoo coffee, the cleanup brought in some great numbers: With upwards of 80 volunteers, 57 bags in total were collected with the debris breakdown as follows: Straws: 264 Cigarette Butts: 330 Bottle Caps: 226 Aluminum cans: 42 Balloons: 12 Glass Bottles: 15 Plastic Bottles: 72 Plastic »

Outreach: Leatherback Trust

Philly Surf Crew is very fortunate to have met Jay Black, former worker with the Leatherback Trust and we reached out to her in Philadelphia to help us set up a time with Christian to spend a morning volunteering and learning with the great people at the trust.  We opted to not walk the beach in the morning day sun and instead took the water ferry across the crocodile-infested watermouth where there was surprise, no taxi’s available to take us »

Surf Trip: Virginia Beach

New and Old members of Philly Surf Crew venture down to Virginia Beach to do a little bit of surfing and camping at the end of summer.  Contributing photographers are: Casey Rech, Zachary Zeilman, Brandon Fleigg, and Robert Kuoch.

Belmar Pro

Several members of Philly Surf Crew attended as spectators, the Belmar Pro held in Belmar, New Jersey.   Photographs by Brandon McNeely (@brandesign) Editor: Christopher String.

Wissahickon Cleanup hosted by United by Blue

With companies like REI and United By Blue teaming up to rally members to clean up the Wissahickon, Philly Surf Crew members attended to help clean alongside volunteers from several environmentally conscious groups in the Philadelphia area.  Big shout out to PSC members, Natalie and Heather who came out and put in work! By using river mud, cleanup volunteers are able to cover and eventually fade out the graffitti that covers some of concrete and metal pipes near Devil’s Pool.

Family Day with Surfrider

Members of Philly Surf Crew are proud to help out the Surfrider chapters whenever possible.  For this event held by the Jersey Shore Chapter, Philly Surf Crew members help provide boards to beginners and assist in the water with lessons and supervision! Shout out to the guys and gals in the water from Summertime Surf for getting everyone paddling, standing, and stoked for the whole day, you all are awesome!

Surf Trip: Costa Rica 2017

Philly Surf Crew’s yearly trip down to Costa Rica invites surfers of all levels to get stoked, have fun, and embrace the pura vida lifestyle for a week as we explore and surf in paradise. Photographer: Christopher String. Contributing Photographers: Tom Marrero, Stephen Miller, Charlotte Whiteman, Natalie Lolli, Dennis Mirabito, and  Renier Lopez The guys and gals are up early and full of smiles having narrowly avoided flying into the hurricane stricken Houston Airport (which would soon be out of »