Outreach: Leatherback Trust

Philly Surf Crew is very fortunate to have met Jay Black, former worker with the Leatherback Trust and we reached out to her in Philadelphia to help us set up a time with Christian to spend a morning volunteering and learning with the great people at the trust.  We opted to not walk the beach in the morning day sun and instead took the water ferry across the crocodile-infested watermouth where there was surprise, no taxi’s available to take us to the trust!

This doesn’t look crocodile infested at all… /// Photo by Tom,

After riding further past the taxi waypoint, we come to a clearing and depart the boat to try and hail a ride.  Luckily for us, Tom’s spanish is great and one of the locals were willing to give us a ride!

Christian of the Leatherback Trust explains to the group about the lifecycle of the turtles and shows us the hatchery.  The group walks back to see the access to the ocean. Definitely would not have seen the entry from the beach, glad we didn’t walk!

The group returns to spend a couple hours weeding and cleaning the hatchery. 

A moment of refreshing water awaits us before we depart the trust and headback to do some more surfing

We catch a ride back with Christian to the path that leads to the rivermouth and he advises us to make a lot of noise and carry a big stick to scare off any crocs that might be resting in the path.

No swimming across the river mouth…crocodiles abound! 

Having made it across safely, we grab lunch and get ready for an easy afternoon sesh in Tama. Philly Surf Crew is so thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to donate time and resources to the Leatherback Trust.  Big shoutout to Jay and Christian for making this all possible!

If you have an opportunity you think would be great for Philly Surf Crew to undertake, send us a message!