Beach Cleanup

Philly Surf Crew teams up with the members of Jersey Shore Chapter of Surfrider to clean the beach in Asbury Park, NJ.  With the help of so many dedicated volunteers and the great people at Booskerdoo coffee, the cleanup brought in some great numbers:

With upwards of 80 volunteers, 57 bags in total were collected with the debris breakdown as follows:

  • Straws: 264
  • Cigarette Butts: 330
  • Bottle Caps: 226
  • Aluminum cans: 42
  • Balloons: 12
  • Glass Bottles: 15
  • Plastic Bottles: 72
  • Plastic Shopping bags: 116
  • Miscellaneous: 202
  • Glass fragments: 264
  • Fragments smaller than quarter: 305
  • Fragments larger than quarter: 200
  • Foam smaller than a quarter: 121
  • Foam larger than a quarter: 83
  • Pieces of lumber: 2

For a sum total of 980lbs. of trash collected! Great job to all those involved!

Philly Surf Crew is always looking to work in tandem with groups to clean up both at the beach and around Philadelphia. We highly encourage people from all walks of life to join Philly Surf Crew in our quest to get stoked on environmental stewardship and give back to our environment and the people.