Surf Trip: Costa Rica 2017

Philly Surf Crew’s yearly trip down to Costa Rica invites surfers of all levels to get stoked, have fun, and embrace the pura vida lifestyle for a week as we explore and surf in paradise.

Photographer: Christopher String.
Contributing Photographers: Tom Marrero, Stephen Miller, Charlotte Whiteman, Natalie Lolli, Dennis Mirabito, and  Renier Lopez

Photo by Tom

The guys and gals are up early and full of smiles having narrowly avoided flying into the hurricane stricken Houston Airport (which would soon be out of commission for a week) and scoring a direct flight out of EWR. After a 6 hours in transit, a beer at “Eat at Joe’s” is in order.

With first light at around 0545, the taxis are up and running and ready to serve.

The day starts out misty and cloudy with the guys grabbing boards from the cage.  Kim and Tom and Chris Dennis loads the boards and Stephen grabs a quick drink before leaving. Volcano brewing offers some great beers on tap.  Making a post-sesh drink even better with some BlueBird Spirits.

Dennis, the Pipa hunter. Photo by Tom

Photo by Tom

Charlotte waits for some waves.

Good bye to the setting sun and ready for the next day at Ollie’s and Witch’s. To get here we take an hour ride to a boat which departs this beautiful marina and cuts across the bay. The boys are excited to paddle out with Flaco.

Photo by Tom
Tom catches the first wave of the set, Photo by Renier
Jared and Tom. Photo by Renier Lopez
Jared. Photo by Renier Lopez

Brazilian in red tried to snake another wave….denied!!! Photo by Renier Lopez

Ollie’s and Witch’s were a great experience for the crew. Empty enough line up and visibility all the way to the bottom made for some truly magnificent rides. Definitely recommend going out with there if you have the chance!

The group heads back for the day and gets ready for a short session in Playa Grande and some volunteer work at the Leatherback Turtle Trust in the morning.

Juan Flaco cheeses for the camera

After a successful morning of surfing, the crew gets ready to go volunteer at the Leatherback Turtle Trust volunteering, and avoiding the crocodiles.


The next morning the boys get ready for spearfishing with Flash of OceanTours Costa Rica.

Back at Eat at Joe’s the staff there were quick to cook up and serve everything we caught.  Great work!